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Kimiwan Lake Naturalists

Box 606
McLennan, Alberta   T0H 2L0



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Kimiwan Lake

Kimiwan Birdwalk


Kimiwan Lake, located at McLennan, Alberta, Canada is an internationally recognized wetland which has tremendous wildlife values, particularly for waterfowl and shorebirds.

The importance of the lake is recognized by several designations including: Globally Significant Important Bird Area, candidate provincial Natural Area, Migratory Bird Sanctuary and the most northern site in Alberta nominated under the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

Kimiwan Lake Naturalists

Kimiwan BirdwalkThe Kimiwan Lake Naturalists are a not-for-profit society (# 503224875) which strives to maintain the multiple values of Kimiwan Lake through education and interpretation, research and habitat enhancement activities. The Society operates an Interpretive Centre and extensive Birdwalk, located on the south shore of the lake.

The Interpretive Centre is fully operational and staffed with interpreters from May until September. Since 1993, the Interpretive Centre has received over 30,000 visitors! Activities which will benefit children are a high priority for us.

Interpretive Centre

The pride of the Kimiwan Lake Naturalists is the Interpretive Centre located along Highway #2 on the south side of the lake. The Centre, which opened in 1992 is staffed from May until September. The Centre provides the starting point for an exciting and rewarding birding experience!

Recent upgrades to the Centre include the addition of a bird migration display, a computer station complete with public access to birding CD-ROMs and the Web and a unique herbarium collection of local flora.

Forgot Binoculars? We have them!

Forgot your binoculars? We’ve got a pair for you to borrow! Want to plan the next leg of your birding trip? Log on the computer and access the links to other great Alberta birding destinations.

We invite you to log your bird sightings in the Centre and chat with the staff about additional birding and other tourism opportunities in the area.

Before you leave, be sure to pick up a special souvenir of Kimiwan Lake. We have a selection of unique gifts including bird feeders and nest boxes, guide books, hats and shirts, post cards and even hand-carved wood feather pins!





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